Services at Harris Paint Horses

Personal Service PERSONAL SERVICE: Harris Paint Horses is a family owned and operated business. Each and every phone call is answered personally by us. There is no need to worry that a request for a semen shipment or other important call didn't get relayed to us. Our phone lines are also set up so that you will never receive a busy signal. If we are on the phone, your call will automatically be transferred to our voice mail and we will immediately return your phone call. Your mare is personally cared for by us. All stallion collections, semen processing, inseminations, stall cleaning, teasing, etc. is done personally by us. (Photo of VR Master Tommy waiting patiently for Cindy to finish a business call.)
Shipped Semen SHIPPED SEMEN: We offer shipped semen on all of our stallions. Semen is shipped out daily (Monday through Friday) via UPS and Fed Ex. Saturday or Sunday deliveries are available in most areas of the country via overnight US Mail. Counter-to-counter airline shipments via US Air and Northwest Airlines are also available for emergency shipments or shipments needed on holidays or weekends for those locations which cannot receive overnight US Mail deliveries. Click here for information on our Shipped Semen Program. (Photo shows our friendly UPS driver, Maurice, stopping for his daily pickup.)
STALLION COLLECTION AND SEMEN EVALUATION STALLION COLLECTION AND SEMEN EVALUATION: These services include teaching stallions to mount a phantom, collections for shipped semen and collection for semen evaluation.
Frozen Semen

SEMEN FREEZING: Every stallion owner's nightmare....  Your stallion suffers a disabling injury, has to undergo emergency surgery or dies.  You have a full book of mares ready to breed.  What would you do???   Harris Pints offers stallion owners (of all breeds) the ability to overcome this type of heartbreak and financial risk by freezing and storing semen from your stallion.  Freezing your stallion's semen gives you the extra "insurance" to avoid financial loss in the event your stallion is unable to breed (whether temporarily or permanently).  Freezing semen from your stallion also gives you the flexibility to compete with your stallion during breeding season as well.  For popular stallions who may be overbooked, being able to offer frozen semen gives your customers the peace of mind that they won't have to miss a cycle in the event there isn't enough semen to ship on a specific day. 

TREADMILL CONDITIONING, SALES PREPARATION, LAYUPS AND SURGERY AFTERCARE: CONDITIONING, SALES PREPARATION, LAYUPS AND SURGERY AFTERCARE: We provide 24 hours monitoring and care for surgery aftercare horses and horses recovering from major illnesses or injuries. Rates are $35/day for injury care and $30/day for conditioning and fitting, plus cost of medications and bandages. We utilize a free flow exerciser as a means to condition sales, show or race horses as well as rehabilitation therapy for horses that are coming off layups due to injury or following surgery.  Sales preparation services available to our customers include fitting, clipping, bathing, banding and hauling to most major sales in our area.  (Photo of covered free flow exerciser.)  Your horse can be worked daily despite weather challenges.
MARE CARE AND BOARDING MARE CARE AND BOARDING: Mare care is $25/day dry and $28/day for nursing mares (when bred to our stallions).   Stalls are modern, bright and airy, with automatic waterers and an automatic fly spray system. Stall fronts are floor to ceiling mesh which provides 100% visibility of each horse. We also offer both full time boarding (space is limited) and temporary boarding for those customers who are vacationing, weaning foals or need a temporary place to board their horse. Full time board is $600 per month. Temporary board is $25.00 per day/dry and $28.00 per day wet. (Photo shows interior of breeding barn)
Foal Out FOAL OUTS: Our facilities offer 24 hour monitoring of foaling mares. Each foaling stall is equipped with cameras which allow us to view mares 24 hours a day. Each year we foal out an average of 60-80 mares and are frequently referred high risk pregnancy mares by area veterinarians. We offer foal out services to all breeds of horses and ponies.  Foal out charges are $28.00 per day board plus a $450 foal out fee. (Photo of newborn foal resting shortly after birth)
SHIPPED SEMEN INSEMINATIONS: In addition to standing our own stallions, we also accept mares that are to be bred via transported semen (both cooled and frozen). $25.00 per day/dry and $28.00 per day wet. $100.00 per insemination fresh or cooled/$150.00 frozen. Our services include: daily teasing of mare, handling of the mare for rectal palpations, contact with the stallion manager, ordering semen, evaluation of semen when it arrives, insemination and re-evaluation of semen prior to the second insemination (if necessary).
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COMMUNITY SERVICE: Each year we donate many hours to local 4-H Clubs, FFA Judging Teams, Pony Clubs and Horse Camps for clinics on Paint Horses, fitting & clipping horses, breeding, judging and other topics of interest.





Each year we offer hands on learning experiences of general equine care as well as in-depth experience in equine reproduction.  Our interns gain experience delivering foals, collecting stallions, inseminating mares, handling stallions for collections, processing semen for our shipped semen program, etc.  This internship is an excellent resume builder for vet school or future employment.  Breeding season and summer sessions are offered each year. VIEW VIDEO>>>